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From the monthly archives:

March 2010

Vitamin D versus Flu Vaccine

March 28, 2010

Another reason to take vitamin D3.  I take over  2000 iu’s of vitamin D3  daily.  I rarely get colds or flu anymore.  Here is a video that is going around the internet.  I have never taken the Flu Shot.  Even when it was supplied to me,  free,  at the hospital where I worked. Watch the [...]

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Reverse Accelerated Aging Now!!!

March 27, 2010

Want to reverse aging naturally?  Who wants to take more drugs or surgery for that?   ASH – Advanced Scientific Health can help with this.  They have a product called RAANOW (Reverse Accelerated Aging Now).  Below is from the ASH site. Advances by scientists and advanced medical teaching institutions are being proven so rapidly that even [...]

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Kevin Trudeau

March 25, 2010

Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About is really what  got us thinking about our health.    We had, in the past, done different cleanses and juicing.  Beyond that we hadn’t done much to improve our health.  I wasn’t in the mind set of  “alternative” health.  We still went to the [...]

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Are Hair Dyes Healthy For You?

March 22, 2010

I did research a while back about hair dyes.  At the time I came to the conclusion they weren’t  good for you.  Since I started this web site I re-looked at the subject.  You will get “studies” saying the hair dyes are not harmful and some that say they are.  The studies that say hair [...]

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MoRE – Molecular Repair Essentials

March 20, 2010

Here is some brief information on MORE – MOlecular Repair Essentails.  This is one of the products that ASH has. We take it religiously. Every minute, every second of every day, the human body is constantly repairing itself. That’s how the creator made it. There are certain substances the body needs for this continuous rebuilding. [...]

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Handling Hypertension and Heart Attack Risk

March 20, 2010

Synopsis – There are simple basics that you NEED to know to take effective action to avoid or even rescue a yourself from heart and circulatory disease. This article will get you started on your journey to understanding. Coronary Disease caused 1 in 5 deaths in the United States — a staggering 494,382 deaths — [...]

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Assembly Line Medical Care

March 18, 2010

Last night we saw a show on Link T.V.  about the medical care system in the United States.  It’s not like I haven’t heard this talked about before.  But now that I’m doing this blog I have to write about it.  Most conventional doctors only spend 15 minutes with a patient at a time!!!  How [...]

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Advanced Scientific Health

March 17, 2010

ASH is a global membership group dedicated to the education and research of regular folks into the field of orthomolecular health. Orthomolecular medicine, also known as orthomolecular medicine or orthomolecular therapy, is an approach to therapy whose centerpiece is megavitamin therapy.  Linus Carl Pauling, PhD, coined the “orthomolecular”.  The prefix “ortho” means “straight,” and the [...]

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