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by Kim Risley on March 16, 2010

Like most people I want to be happy and healthy until I die. One could say, “Live as long as possible and be healthy during all those years”.  I’ve got my eye on at least a 100.

You can control you health and how you handle your body.  Four years ago, my husband and I started looking in to natural health.  We started doing our own research.  We didn’t have any “major” health problems – Ken’s blood pressure was a bit high and weight was a bit of a situation for us both.  But we started to think about how we were treating our bodies.  We have learned a lot from our progress.

We are making an investment now in our health and not waiting until  later when we get “sick”.  This has become something I really care about.  I hope to change people’s ideas about health.  If we give our bodies what it needs now, then we will be less likely to have to take a “drug” to mask symptoms later.

I would not do standard medical care like chemo.  I plan to find the cause of the illness and fix that.  I’m not saying all standard medicine should be avoided.  I worked in a E.R. for five years as an E.M.T.  All the E.R. doctors I worked with were great. Frankly if you are hurt or are in a accident you will get the best medical care in the U.S.

But when it comes to systemic illnesses I think they are off.  Unless you go to an health professional.  And even there, there are good ones and bad ones. You’ve got to do your own research.

I hope this website helps you to question your doctor more and start to take charge of your own body and life.

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