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Assembly Line Medical Care

by Kim Risley on March 18, 2010

Last night we saw a show on Link T.V.  about the medical care system in the United States.  It’s not like I haven’t heard this talked about before.  But now that I’m doing this blog I have to write about it.  Most conventional doctors only spend 15 minutes with a patient at a time!!!  How can you really find out what’s going on with someone in 15 minutes?  I’m sure they have multiple appointments which, of course, gets charged to the insurance company.  But it’s scary to think that doctors are making decisions about people’s lives in 15 minutes.  They are giving people drugs based on a 15 minute talk.  How can that be quality care?

I have had this experience my self. I spent many times more time in the waiting room than with the doctor.  I had a rash on my arm that would not go away (this was  way before I started taking the ASH products).  I went to the doctor I had at the time. He spent probably about 10 minutes or less.  He just looked at my arm and gave me prescription for a cream which was a steroid.  He never gave me any refills for the prescription.  When I was done with the cream I still had the rash.  I called the doctor’s office they said I had to come in again for another check up and refill.  I already knew how much they charged my insurance for this 10 minute visit.  They charged $300 dollars (for 10 minutes).  Well they weren’t going to get another $300 for my insurance.  I never went back to him.

A few months later I left the job I had at the time (I was in the medical field working in a Tampa Emergency Room) and went on my husband’s insurance which didn’t cover office visits. I went to another doctor for the same rash.  This doctor charged me $75 dollars for the visit and gave me multiple refills of the medicine and spent time with me.

I think the difference was the first doctor’s office was an assembly line and the other’s wasn’t.  If your doctor can’t at least spend 30 minutes with you then I think you need to find one that will.  Maybe I’m harsh on this, but I figure doctors need to find out your “whole” history in order to give good medical care.  I feel that is lacking in some doctors offices.

The holistic doctors I have had experience with DO take time with their patients.  They consider it essential.  So if you want that “special” care,  you should look in to alternative doctors.  They are looking at the “whole” person when giving care.  That’s what we need in this country, more preventive care.  I hope it starts to move in that direction soon.

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