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Are you REALLY Healthy? Can you do anything about it?

by Kim Risley on April 16, 2010

I just realized people go for years thinking they are healthy then they have a heart attack or come down with a cold that lasts for two months, then wonder what happened. The truth is they were not healthy to begin with.  When people get sick or have a heart attack itis not something that happened overnight.

Your body can handle a lot before it shows any signs of disease.  Most folks go through their whole lives eating processed  foods, buying preservative-riddled or cheaply produced commercialized products,  taking no supplements, drinking soda’s and eating fast foods and then go to their doctors to treat their symptoms;  never really considering the underlying causes.

It is horrible to realize that most products we buy in the store have chemicals in them which cannot do our bodies any good.  We are taking in more unnatural chemicals in the forms of additives on a daily basis then ever have before.

You don’t have to be one of these people. You don’t have to end up in a hospital dealing with a disease or otherwise spending your retirement years dealing with doctors on weekly basis.   If you start being proactive about your health now you can ” by-pass the heart by-pass”.

Of course, improving your health will not happen overnight either. But there are things that you can do over time (a relatively short time) that will improve your health.  It is an investment. Just as quick-rich schemes are rarely real, so is the existence  of any concoction or single action that will make you well right away. How long it takes depends on how much you are willing to do; it depends on how you have treated your own body up to now. Most of us spent most of our years neglecting essential health  issues. It’s like slowly charging up the credit card – it gets you eventually.

The actions to help turn the tide are not difficult. One is to eat more organic foods. Another is to buy and use products that don’t have so many harsh chemicals in them; especially the ones you put on your body.  And another, and this is essential, is to give your body what it needs so it can heal and recreate itself as it was intended. Give the body what it needs on an orthomolecular level (ie. on the cellular level which is the root of all of your bodily functions) and it will mostly take care of itself.

Personally I would prefer to spend a little  money and time learning now then spend it later on doctors. It is so much cheaper in the long run. My husband and I buy mostly (not all) organic foods and products and we spend a small amount of money on the formulas that we obtain, at cost, from ASH.  This assures that we are taking the correct nutrients that have been discovered  by Nobel prize winning scientists and about which no one disputes. We are following indisputable facts regarding nutrition – and it is simple. We need it to be simple. Life is supposed to be fun – too many other things to do than to constantly worry about doing complicated protocols.

We are doing this and other simple life styles changes and we know we are doing what we can to stave off a future of sickness.

I can’t over-recommend that to take responsibility for your own health you need to be a researcher. You have the intelligence to understand the simple basics of health. All of us do – if we simply look. We have found Advanced Scientific Health to be a wonderful starting point. And this group has teamed up to provide, for themselves (as mutual researchers and members) these products at very, very inexpensive prices. I’ll tell you this – that really appeals to Ken and I – Simple and Inexpensive.  Oh –  and fun. This is one of,  probably the  BEST investments of time and a little money any of us can make in our lives. Maybe you should too – invest in your  LIFE and that of those you love. It’s an investment my husband and I are making – and we will never look back.

For more information on joining ASH click here. Also you can call me at 1-800-940-3793.

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