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Never To Young

by Kim Risley on April 1, 2010

You are never too young to start looking at your health.  Why wait to you are in your 60′s to 80′s with health problems, then start looking for solutions to your problems?  When you are “already” at your prime you should start making changes NOW.  What would those changes be?  Stop eating processed foods, cut out sodas,  try to buy products that are “organic” certified,  and stay away from drugs, the legal and illegal kind, watch the carb intake and make sure you get the essential  vitamins, minerals and amino acids from which your body can maintain a near perfect body.

People say “Well of course I know that.”  But do you really KNOW it?  What the word “know” means?

Know – to perceive or understand as fact or truth; to apprehend clearly and with certainty

I thought I knew too.  I thought I was eating pretty well.   But if I look at my life style back a few years ago, I wasn’t eating well.  We didn’t eat organic foods, use organic products, like organic shampoos and soaps.  We did take vitamins, but not the  right ones in the right form we are taking now. Also I was drinking a lot of cokes (sodas).

I saw a picture of us before we really started changing our habits. Our faces where red and blotted, now our faces are thinner and not red anymore.  I don’t have the acne problems I use to have.  My acne has gone away.  I also use to get a rash on my arm during the summer.  I haven’t had that problem in a couple of years.  Ken’s blood pressure went from 155/95 routinely to 117/73 routinely.

I’m solving my little problems that I had.  Little changes you make now, can make a much brighter future for your health.  Feel free to look at the VITAL report I have to download.

Bottom line? You’re not too young to start.  Minor changes now will affect you tremendously as you age – and you WILL age if you are lucky. Why not make sure you AGE as a healthy, vibrant and youthful person. It’s like investing and earning compound interest when you are young. You’ll be a millionaire before you know it.

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