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How my life has improved on ASH

by Kim Risley on May 16, 2010

I have posted some wins people have had on Advanced Scientific Health and here are a few of  mine and my husband’s.  My husband and I have tried many different types of vitamins and minerals that were all claiming to be the “one” to take.  They were also very expensive.

My husband started researching again for a different product to take, he was starting to have doubts about what we were taking at that time.  He came across ASH, needless to say I was not ready for a new move to something else.  But what was nice about the products through ASH was they were “cheap” to buy, but NOT cheaply made.  So I figure it couldn’t hurt to try it.

Ken, a professional engineer by training and practice, was skeptical at first. But as he studied the research and found one supporting study after another, he was convinced enough to give it a try.

We did some research on how to take the formula’s. The way I take the formula’s is I take half an teaspoon of RAANOW in the morning, 1 teaspoon of MoRE for lunch and dinner, then half a teaspoon of RAANOW and 1 teaspoon of Master Formula II before bed.  We also take parent Omega 6 & 3 oils in the right portions.  It’s pretty easy for me on that schedule, but you can discover what works for you.

Interestingly, men and women should take the RAANOW a bit differently. Men should take all theirs right before bed. Women should split it up, as I do.

The improvements I have had are probably minor compared to some people, but they are major improvements for me.  For the previous 3 to 4 years I started getting a rash on my arms. This would occur every summer.  I was prescribed a cream for it, which was a drug that never solved the problem.  I also had sinus problems and would get head colds about every six months.  I also had acne problems.

After being on the formulas for a while, I started to notice the acne and sinus problems were reducing.  The acne is not a problem anymore and my sinus problems have reduced a lot.  The rash I use to get is gone, the rash hasn’t come back since being on these formulas.  I have gotten one cold in the 3 years since being on these formulas, and that cold was very short.

My husband, a bit older than I, had a whole host of improvements in his health. His blood pressure was 155 over 95 (much too high). Now his blood pressure runs 117 over 73. He gets no more joint problems. He used to see a chiropractor routinely for his recurring back problems. He has not had a back problem (ie. pain) in nearly 2 years. I’ll let him talk about his improvements at a later time.

I just know taking the RAANOW, MoRE, Master Formula II, and the ELE’s has helped improve my health a great deal.  I intend to keep using these marvelous products for the rest of my very long life.

(This statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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