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Wins from Scott

by Kim Risley on May 10, 2010

Many people are winning the battle against Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure & other diseases.  We are doing it “naturally” not with drugs or surgery.  Read Scott’s story on how ASH helped him.

Hundreds of thousands are fighting the war against Cancer, Heart Disease and other degenerative diseases.

These diseases have already been prevented and stopped by those of us that took the time to educate ourselves. We have developed the Advanced Scientific Health Research Association in hopes that millions of families will now have access to this vital information. Our mission is to prevent and stop needless pain and suffering for ourselves, our families, our friends and by extension the world.

We are a group of “survivors” that are thankful that someone took the time to share this information with us. We are here to “Pay It Forward”.

Because of the Advanced Scientific Health Formulas; I no longer have any symptoms of sleep apnea that I had since a child – even the loud snoring has ceased; My chronic paravasculitus (imflamation of the arteries)has all but cleared up on my feet and ankles (had it since my teens); No more back pain which I suffered with on and off for years; and I haven’t had a sick day in over four years. I also made a paste out of our old Amino formula (which is now combined with the Formula 1 and called “MoRE”) to eradicate a case of the shingles in 3 days! Increased energy, no need for doctors, hospital visits, or chemical pharmaceuticals are just some of the side effects of these formulas. Also, if you are wanting to lose a little or a lot of weight – that’s just one more side effect of these formulas.

I personally know many individuals who attribute their personal victory over such diseases as Cancer, Heart Disease, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and a host of other disease names to the Advanced Scientific Health formulas.

I firmly believe that the natural cure for all disease is the human body and that if you simply give to the body that which the Creator intended it to have, in a form the body can use, that it will maintain optimum health.

Optimum health, disease-free living, increased energy and no medical bills or need for synthetic pharmaceuticals are just some of the benefits I have enjoyed since becoming an Advanced Scientific Health Researcher.

Furthermore, I sincerely believe, after having accomplished much personal research, that ALL diseases are simply a different level or stage of the body’s degeneration due to the lack of certain minerals, nutrients and abilities that the body once had and that the ASH formulas are based on sound, scientific, Nobel Prize-winning research and discoveries in orthomolecular science/medicine and will provide whole body health at the cellular level to every Body. Taking personal responsibility for one’s own health is the Key! In my opinion, my membership and association with Advanced Scientific Health is the best health assurance that money can buy! ~ Scott Thurston (ASH Founder & Researcher)

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