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I’m feeling unarmed

by Ken Risley on June 19, 2010

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We goofed. What can I say? Kim and I were so busy living and working and having fun that we realized that we were almost out of the MORE. We called to order it and found that;

  • One of the products was back-ordered for a few days.
  • There is going to be the launch of an exciting NEW product on Monday and we may as well wait for that to place the entire order.

So we did and are now waiting for the weekend.

But I feel unarmed. Taking all these products, every day, is my “ace in the hole”. It is my way of knowing that I am doing the right things to create optimum health and longevity. Yea, I know, missing a few days won’t hurt. But somehow I feel like I am walking through a mine field with no bomb detector or protection.

Oh, and about this new product – let me tell you. It’s something that Kim and I have been taking for about a year but have been having to mix ourselves from Sunflower and Flax seed oil. Now ASH will be providing a far superior product in perfect combination. We are excited. We’ll write more about this next week. Read Brian Peskin’s book “The Hidden Story of Cancer” for an excellent explanation.

But suffice it to say, I am really looking forward to getting stocked back up again. We should have the products by mid-week next. Not going to make that mistake again.

One thing about taking MORE for a while, the good things tend to accumulate in the body. It’s like momentum.

But, all the same, we’ll be anxiously checking the post box till the orders come.

(This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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