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ASH Is Not Just For Adults

by Kim Risley on July 22, 2010

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The ASH forumlas can and should be used by our children with the exception noted below!  Plus the great thing is they are in powders.  So the “little” ones can take the formulas with out having to worry about pills.  The 3 forumlas they should be taking are MoRE – Molecular Repair Essentials, Master Formula II – Full Spectrum Calcium, CEO – Correct Essential Oils.  It seems kids these days are not getting enough nutrients in school lunches and with both parents working, dinner at home is not like it was a long time ago. They are not getting the fresh vegetables or good protein they need anymore.

So our children and grand-children need all the help they can get.  If you have children, they need to get started on taking these formulas.  I wrote an article called Parents living longer than their kids? where I talked about the future health of our kids.   Later I heard on TV that an expert in health remarked that he thinks kids may still live as long as their parents, but have so many health problems that it would make living hard on them.

There are many ASH researchers who are giving their kids these forumlas on a daily basis.  I know that taking action to improve the health of our  children now is the best thing for their future.  Children need all the help they can get with their growing bodies.

  • Toddler (age 1-3 years) requires about 500mg of calcium each day.
  • Preschool and younger school age children (age 4-8 years) require about 800 mg of calcium each day
  • Older school age children and teens (age 9-18 years) require about 1300 mg of calcium each day
  • Adults (19-50 years) require about 1000 mg of calcium each day
  • Adults (50 + years) require about 1200 mg of calcium each day

With processed foods and sodas, I doubt our kids are getting nearly 500mg of calcium a day. And what they are getting is in the wrong form and not actually able to be used by their bodies. And remember that number is for toddlers!  I personally don’t think you can get all the calcium you need from milk,  since most kids now days only have milk for breakfast.  Note, too, that the “milk” has been so processed that  the nutrients and calcium aren’t there as before.  One article said that a teen has to drink 3-4 glasses of milk a day to get in their “required” amount of calcium!!!  I didn’t drink that much milk, when I was going up!

Along with Calcium, kids need to be getting in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for the reasons below.

A Purdue University study showed that kids low in Omega-3 essential fatty acids are significantly more likely to be hyperactive, have learning disorders, and to display behavioral problems.  Omega-3 deficiencies have also been tied to dyslexia,  violence, depression, memory problems, weight gain, cancer, heart disease, eczema, allergies, inflammatory diseases, arthritis, diabetes, and many other conditions.  Over 2,000 scientific studies have demonstrated the wide range of problems associated with Omega-3 deficiencies.  The American diet is almost devoid of Omega 3′s except for certain types of fish.  In fact, researchers believe that about 60% of Americans are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids, and about 20% have so little that test methods cannot even detect any in their blood.

But with the Omega 3, kids also need to be taking Omega 6 to balance the portion out in rations of 1:1 or 4:1 (ideally 1:2).  Our children need a lot of support for their growing bodies.  ASH has developed three formulas that are ideal for children.

The only formula  they do NOT need to be taking is RAANOW – Reverse Accelerated Aging Now.  They do not need to be taking this until they get into adulthood.  Below is from the ASH site about RAANOW

When we are young our bodies have a low ratio of insulin to growth hormone (GH). Insulin causes the body to store sugar and simple carbohydrates as fat. GH stimulates fat burning. As we age we accumulate more and more sugars and carbohydrates, and the hypothymus causes the release of less and less GH. We get fat! If we will take a moment to consider the relationship between weight loss, blood sugar (insulin), muscle tone, and sexual performance, life can become much simpler and last a great deal longer.

With that quote, children and young adults already have high growth hormones, so they do not need to be taking RAANOW until they are adults.

Do your own research for your children’s health. The earlier you start improving your children’s health the better.  Starting kids young is better for them and their future.  They will not have to be dealing with health problems.

(This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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