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Help with Health

by Kim Risley on August 15, 2010

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Everyone at one time or other in their lives looks for help.  Either in work, school or even in health, we are looking for advice from someone that “seems” to know more then we do.  Some people want to be told what to do by a higher authority, like a doctor in health matters.  But it doesn’t always have to be from a doctor.  My husband and I took responsibility for our own health.

You can help yourself in improving your health!  You don’t need to be a doctor to know what to do in current health matters.  There are groups out there that are truly researching the truth on cancer, heart disease, and other diseases and finding the help they need.

My husband and I were looking for a change when we came across a few books on natural health about five years ago. Then in April 2007 he found ASH.  We had already been taking other supplements.  They were very expensive and didn’t give us the results the we were looking for. My husband started looking around the internet and came across ASH.

ASH is a group of “researchers”.  We research our own health problems and help each other.  A few individuals started ASH by researching the Linus Pauling work on Orthomuclar medicine and that research expanded into many other top scientists and Nobel Prize winners. With that information these folks put together some really great “formulas” that are taken, in powdered form,  daily.

Life is always changing and so are you.  Each day you are adding more and more toxins to your body.  Bad health slowly creeps up on you.  The next thing you know you are dealing with medical problems.  But  you can start to reverse the spiral.  You can help your self to better health by learning the three elements of optimal health.

I am here to help you do that.

I have been healthy most of my life. I don’t smoke or use drugs. I have been over-weight. By taking the ASH products I am convinced I will never get cancer and my arteries are clear. I have gone from 238 Lbs down to 209 Lbs in the last 9 weeks and my energy level has never been higher. If you or someone you know is fighting cancer, has high blood pressure or any other debilitating disease, I want you to know that you can be healthy again and you don’t have to rely on pain meds or blood thinners, nor do you need to spend a lot of money or submit to radiation, chemotherapy or surgery. There is a better way. I encourage you to discover Advanced Scientific Health. It will change your life!
M. M. – Utah

I have to admit, at first, I was very skeptical (we all should be) about what you are about to discover. But after several month’s of researching and then taking the ASH products… now my whole family is on them. Information and products from ASH needs to be shared. If you desired true health and are seeking better choices. Search no more, information in this web pages will help guild you to ” a wonderful changes”. I challenge you to join me and start taking better care of yourself and your family.
S. S. – Michigan

The wins from above are people that have found help with their health.  They learned about ASH and did research on the formulas and it improved their health.

You can do the same by asking questions, doing research and trying the 3 basic ASH formulas yourself.  My husband and I did just that and we also had an improvement in our health.  Try the 3 basic formulas ASH has to offer by clicking to the right of this article on the Buy Now button.

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