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Alien Mind Wipe Failure

by Kim Risley on September 23, 2010

Alien mind1 Alien Mind Wipe Failure

This is from Natural News website.  I’m glad to see the fact coming out that more and more Americans are being put of psychiatic drugs and other drugs that they may not need.

Nearly half of all Americans now use prescription drugs on a regular basis according to a CDC report that was just released. Nearly a third of Americans use two or more drugs, and more than one in ten use five or more prescription drugs regularly.

It has been revealed that one in five children are being regularly given prescription drugs, and nine out of ten seniors are on drugs.

All these drugs came at a cost of over $234 billion in 2008. The most commonly-used drugs were:

• Statin drugs for older people
• Asthma drugs for children
• Antidepressants for middle-aged people
• Amphetamine stimulants for children

It is sad to see this, its like its a given that “everyone” takes some form of prescription drug of some type. And just think when we get government health care, this will not improve.  These drugs are probably worse then any street drug out there.  At least with the street drugs people know they are not healthy for you.  But prescription drugs are griven to you by a “professional” called a doctor.

Here is the side effects of “Abilify”.

The following are the risks and potential side effects of “Abilify” therapy. However, this list is not complete:

  • Increased chance of death in elderly persons. Elderly patients treated with atypical antipsychotics, such as “Abilify”, for dementia had a higher chance for death than patients who did not take the medicine. “Abilify” is not approved for dementia.
  • A life-threatening nervous system problem called neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS). NMS can cause a high fever, stiff muscles, sweating, a fast or irregular heart beat, change in blood pressure, and confusion. NMS can affect your kidneys. NMS is a medical emergency. Call your healthcare professional right away if you experience these symptoms.
  • A movement problem called tardive dyskinesia (TD). Call your healthcare professional right away if you et muscle movements that cannot be stopped.
  • High blood sugar and diabetes. Patients with diabetes or who have a higher chance for diabetes should have their blood sugar checked often.
  • Strokes have happened in older patients treated for mental illness from dementia. “Abilify” is not approved for this use.
  • Other serious side effects with Abilify may include low blood pressure seen as dizziness, increased heart beat and possibly fainting; seizures; increased body temperature; and difficulty swallowing.
  • The most common side effects may include headache, weakness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, anxiety, problems sleeping, lightheadedness (dizziness), sleepiness, restlessness and rash.

It’s scary to see these side effects!!  Like I have said before, these side effects are worse then the problem you are trying to solve.  More and more people are being put on these drugs!  It’s very sad to see, because there are other ways to help or to solve health problems naturally (both physical and mental).

Just by staying away from processed food or Genetically modified (GM) foods , getting the right supplements, exercising, and having a good out look in life can go a long way to improve one’s health.  Someone should think LONG and HARD before going on any “medication”. All these medications can cause other problems for a person, then they get caught in the ever ending cycle of drugs, surgery and doctors.

You need to start from the ground up.  You need to treat your body with care.  If you start to give the body what it needs at the cellular level, it can repair it self.  But this doesn’t happen over night.  It took your body a while to get unhealthy.  But any health problems can be reversed by giving the  body the right formulas’.

It is never to late to make “good” health changes.

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