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Wins from ASH members

by Kim Risley on October 1, 2010

I thought I would print some wins from ASH members.  Its always good to see people improving on the forumlas..

Last year at this time I was very sick, scared and desperate. From extremely elevated high blood pressure, Raynauds disease, a connective tissue disease and a condition known as adrenal pause, it was one bad diagnosis after another. And even though I was a Life Extension member and had a pretty good knowledge of natural supplements and therapies, I was literally getting nowhere fast! I work in the medical field and see first hand the different disease processes and what pharmaceutical drugs do the human body so I was even more determined for an alternative means of regaining my health. In the midst of my most desperate search for answers a stranger put her ASH link on an email response to me. At first I thought it was just another supplement company but was soon to realize it was much, much more. Because everything else I was doing was not helping my rapidly declining health I decided to give the formulas a trial run. Between the valuable education I received as a member and the cell rejuvenating properties of the formulas, I was slowly but surely regaining my health back….and now only one year later I feel as though ASH has given me my life back and more……Now its my turn to pay it forward, just like the ASH members have done before me.
Cherie S. – Florida

I was under pressure from my VA Doctor and my personal Doctor to go on Drugs for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My bloodpressure was 145/90 and cholesterol was 220. After being on the products for 6 weeks my bloodpressure averages 125/78 and my cholesterol is 177. I have seen several other benefits also such as skin breaks healing up in 3/4 days. Also no upset stomach problems. UPDATE 11/24/06 I have become aware that the so called age spots on my arms have disappeared about 50% and the toe nail fungus has been getting better.
Harry W. – Illinois

A year ago I was diagnosed with bladder cancer- undoubtedly from years of smoking. Cancer is such a terrifying word, I Googled the net for alternative cancer protocols- protocols that give back the body what it needs instead of resorting to drugs and surgery. As one afflicted with cancer, I learned from ASH how to alkalize my body as cancer cells can only survive in an acid condition. The learning goes on- week after week- and I invite anyone who really wants to understand and benefit from all-natural, non-pharmaceutical modalities, to become an ASH member. I, for one, am extremely grateful for discovering this amazing program!
Stuart J. – Washington

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