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More Wins from those Taking ASH

by Kim Risley on December 12, 2010

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Aside from the occasional cold or accidental injury, I had been healthy my whole life. During the mid-90s, a few unexpected hardships created a great deal of stress in my life. The stress affected my health so I went to see doctors who treated my symptoms with drugs-which created more symptoms and adversely affected my psychological well-being.

During my annual checkup and mammogram in fall, 1999, my doctor informed me that I now had high blood pressure. He also told me that I had lumps in my right breast. He prescribed high blood pressure pills, told me to watch the lumps in my breast very closely until they become cancerous and insisted I take drugs for depression. I decided that a life of popping pills and waiting for a mastectomy was not for me.

Vickie Barker knew my husband and she put us in touch with Barney Folger. Barney introduced me to the concept of orthomolecular nutrition. This wonderful man explained how my body works and why it gets sick. He then described a simple regimen to correct my bodily imbalances.

Hopeful, I ordered [Master Formula 1] and [Plus Aminos]. Within a few days I felt so much better I threw the drugs out. Within six months my blood pressure was completely under control and has been ever since. In 2003, I gave myself a breast exam and, to my surprise and relief, the worrisome lumps had disappeared; to this day they have not returned.

There is no doubt in my mind that taking therapeutic amounts of ASH products (which, admittedly, do not taste very good) enabled my body to heal itself. I feel great all the time and am so thankful to have found this wonderful healing regimen. As thankful members of ASH, my husband and I have made it our mission to encourage others to learn about orthomolecular nutrition.

E. R. – Texas
It has been amazing at how much better I feel since taking the formulas that ASH has made available to all of us if we take advantage of them. I have been taking the products since October and can feel such a difference. I have had floaters in my eyes for a long time – my Dr. told me not to worry – that my brain would soon just ignore them (never did), but since taking the [No Fool i] Product they completely disappeared after only 4 weeks. I love being able to see without having to look around those annoying floaters.
I also have noticed a huge difference in the way my body feels. I have Osteoarthritis in my knee, hip, feet, and shoulder and have suffered from this for a long time.  I can now sleep at night and not have to wake up several times in pain from my hip hurting.
It has been worth every penny for me, and I am expecting that I will just continue to feel better every day! My blood pressure when I started was 150/90. And today it was 113/68. I owe all of this improvement to ASH and the products that are available through them. I think that my blood pressure will just continue to go down until I don’t need any BP meds at all………. Yeah me!!! I am thrilled to be able to feel the difference in the way I move and in the mystery of my lowering blood pressure. Although I really know it is not a mystery………Thank you ASH!!
Glenda G. – Arizona
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