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Man I feel Great!

by Ken Risley on February 27, 2011

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I will be 59 in two months. I guess that means I will be entering my 60th year. Sheesh! Oh well, it beats the alternative – as they say.

The interesting thing is that I feel better than I have ever felt.

I look around at my friends and family who span all ages and I am often taken back by the routine health problems that I see. Back pain is common place – I know several who have had back surgeries at the tender ages  of 35 or, commonly, in their 40’s. Chiropractors are practically kept in business by back pain. I had it myself, in the past. I saw doctors, did exercises and it never really helped.

I see having high blood pressure as a common condition. Many folks, even relatively young ones, struggle with this problem, take drugs, and wonder why they are having problems. Yes, I had that one myself at one time. I first discovered it in my mid 20’s. Only 5 years ago my B.P. remained and averaged around 155/95 – way too high.

Aches and pains are accepted by most people as a factor of life. The “Getting Old Ain’t for Sissies” mantra is passed around my neighborhood almost as a joke. It is laughed off – but the implications certainly are not funny.

I heard of a young girl once who had had a headache her entire life and did not know it. How did she not know it? Because, like all of us, she could really know a datum only by having something to compare it to. She had never known FREEDOM from Headaches. One day, in her early 20’s, she stumbled upon something that caused her headache to disappear. Only then did she realize that she had had one all her life.

How many of us accept our own physical (and even other) conditions without question. And we might do so because we lack the comparison – the data of comparable magnitude – to fully appreciate that we have a condition at all.

I believe that too many of us tend to accept aches and pains, recurring sickness, joint pains, and the need for a steady supply of pain relievers and even doctor-prescribed medicines as part of life. It appears not to be questioned by the vast majority of our population. And just look at our weight. Just try to find a person who is not overweight – especially in America.

Speak to an individual and offer the idea than he or she can feel good all the time, without medicine, and most (and I do not exaggerate) will not even hear you. At the least they completely reject the concept. Most have been practically hypnotized into believing that they are simply victims of bad health and the need to dope up on medicines and direct surgery interventions to keep any semblance of health. That they CAN BE HEALTHY NATURALLY is simply not within their ability to believe or to accept.

That is sad.

So, at nearly 59 (not old but definitely getting there) what are my own stats?:

  • I do not have a single pain in my body. I have no back pains, no joint pains – no pain at all. Of course I can hit my finger with a hammer – and it hurts. But it quickly recovers.
  • My blood pressure, now, is 123/72 – standard. As I said earlier, just 5 years ago, it was 155/95.
  • I have not had a single piece of medicine, including aspirin or any type of pain reliever or anti-biotic, pass my lips or in any way enter my body since December 2007 (I write this in late February 2011). Not a single, solitary piece of medicine.
  • I have not been sick since 2007. Not a single sickness. Nothing.
  • My weight is 181 pounds. That is 4 pounds lighter than I was when I was 25 years old.
  • My stamina is top notch. I did some running in my youth and I can’t run as far as I did in those days, but that is mainly because I don’t run anymore. I don’t believe it is good for us. I base this upon much study and much observation.

I could use more exercise – some resistance exercising – and I need to get off my duff and get going. I struggle too in my attempt to keep as many things right as I can.

But my main success is based upon simplicity and as a result I am consistently and easily able to apply it. I know this is the basis of my excellent condition.

Why am I doing so well? Well, it could be luck. I don’t deny that there is an element called luck in this world. But I believe, far more, that we make most of our own luck. When I observe that my health has been worse in the past, then I must attribute my current excellent health to something I am doing now – differently than what I used to do.

And I do. It is almost date-coincidental. In other words, my improved health started when I made a change  What I did was to stumble across the concept of Orthomolecular Nutrition. I studied up on and began taking a simple regimen of Ortho Molecular Nutritional supplements in April 2007. The results were not instant – but they were definite and steadily improved.

It’s simple and I’ve been able to keep it up – routinely.

Picture 6 300x200 Man I feel Great!

As a Professional Engineer I learned years ago to study things and to make sure I understand them before jumping into them. I’ve made a few hare-brained leaps.  I now realize that  it’s got to make sense — to me.  This applies to my engineering projects and it applies to my health. I found a group of folks who felt they were being failed by the standard medical establishment and had begun their own research into the causes of poor health and the causes of good health. They decided they were going to, darn well, handle it.

So they they joined forces to find solutions. They found the solutions in basic discoveries that had been validated by Nobel Prize winning scientists. And based upon these basic principles they went about creating, in their own kitchens, mixtures of certain orthomolecular nutrients which, when they began using them, made some incredible results. You can learn more about this by checking our resources on TheNaturalRoad.com.

They had friends and family and began sharing this data. As it grew they began to ask professional labs to put these ingredients together and they shared these products at cost – no profit. Their entire purpose was, and is, to get this data known — far and wide.

I was so impressed that I joined the group and began using these simple and inexpensive protocols. And they must be simple and must be cheap or I, simply, would not keep it up.

And my health has become what it is today.

Like any investment, by routinely doing this, daily, my health grows. It is not instant – but also like investing one is never too old to begin. I began at 55 – and I see myself entering my 60’s in much, much better shape.

Let them throw around the complexities and the expenses of standard medical care – doctor visits, cabinets full of medicines and calendar’s scheduled with surgeries. And let them worry about how they’ll pay for it all.

There are some of us that choose to find our own way. I choose to bypass as much of that myself and take charge.

The basic truth is that if we give our bodies what they need, the bodies will rebuild and heal  themselves.

Mine has.


(This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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