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Vital Information for your Health – not knowing and heeding to this is killing you.

by Steve S Taylor on February 7, 2011

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Most all American are slowly dying because they are not aware of this data. It is that valuable. You are urged to read this and once you get the picture you will rush to apply the information to your life. This article is written as a public service.

Here’s the scoop. If you don’t get the drift of what I am about to write you are missing one of the most important factors in your own health and that of your loved ones. This can’t be over-emphasized.

People’s unawareness of this is essentially being promoted by the medical industry as they peddle false data and only promote overpriced practices which break us in health and wealth.

The body is held together by what is referred to as a collagen matrix. Collagen is, to the body, what thread is to a shirt or to a pair of trousers. Understand, this is not just something nice to have. Let’s get the true importance here. This is what holds the body together. And if this is not at acceptable levels we begin dying, as I’ll explain.

To exist, this Collagen matrix must – MUST – be supplied by an abundant amount of a basic substance most of the population lacks. It is astonishing to discover that the vast number of our population do not obtain even a discernible fraction of what they require of this vital nutrient. And it is destroying them.

Our bodies used to make this substance, naturally. But we, and 3 other species on Earth, no longer do so. Scientists do not know why. But the fact remains that we still must have this nutrient to maintain our collagen matrix.

A less than adequate collagen matrix causes failure, fast or slow, in numerous systems, including our circulatory’ system. The walls of our blood vessels begin to get lesions, i.e. crack (this is a simplified description but serves for now for visualizing) which the body attempts to patch with cholesterol.

This becomes the build up of plaque we hear of that builds on the arterial walls and the beginning of the most talked about form of heart disease.

If each of us would simply consume this substance of which I speak at the levels called for (and remember that the greatest part of this population DO NOT) then we would all but do away with one of the key causes of bad cardio vascular health and heart disease.

This crucial substance is called ascorbate. Do not make the mistake of believing it is the same as Vitamin C. It is not! It is ascorbate that we need. Vitamin C is Ascorbic Acid. This is not the same thing.

More precisely, we absolutely need BUFFERED ASCORBATE. We need ascorbate that is bound with potassium, with sodium, with calcium and with magnesium. We need in the form our bodies used to produce. Yes – you read that right. We used to produce it ourselves. We and 3 other species on this planet no longer do so.

And we need on the order of 4 grams per day. Yet the government calls it Vitamin C (false) and recommends only 100 mg (one tenth of a gram) – which is about 97.5% short.

Isn’t that abominable?. So we die of heart attacks, we get bypasses, and we fret about cholesterol (which we actually require) and consume drugs that cause our livers not to produce this vital substance. We are taught to chase the wrong targets which we faithfully do. We lose in health and spend vast amounts of money.

I beg you, take this to heart. It is vital. It will make a difference in your life. And don’t think that consuming a few oranges or chomping on a few Vitamin C tablets will handle it. It takes more.

You must be taking in at least 4 grams daily of mineral ascorbate. It is best in liquid form.

The good news is that you can do this with ease and inexpensively.

I wish you the greatest health.

Mineralized Ascorbate, in liquid form, is inexpensive. Getting the basic Orthomolecular Nutrition is easy but you need to connect with knowledgeable people who have researched this subject and found proven results.

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