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What is Acid Alkaline Imbalance?

by Kim Risley on May 31, 2011

Acid Alkaline Imbalance

A healthy body that is free of disease needs to be “in balance”. This simply means that ratios of nutrients and other factors should be within ideal ranges. One indication of proper balance is the acid/alkaline balance.  This is an indication of how much oxygen is in the cells, among other things.

A more alkaline body indicates that there is a good supply of oxygen in the cells. This has amazing effects which you can read about on this website and in many other sources.

There are a few ways to get your body more alkaline: food, supplements, cesium carbonate, electrolyzed water, &  essential fatty acids  to name a few.

Alkalize or Die” by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody talks about how to get your body more alkaline.  There are five section which are addressed in this book.

  1. The Chemistry of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance
  2. Dietary Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance
  3. The Physical Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance
  4. The Psychological Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance
  5. The Spiritual Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance

The Chemistry of the Alkaline-Acid Imbalance

Our glands and organs function best with the right alkaline-acid balance. An imbalance in this area can affect the heart, lungs, stomach, liver, pancreas, small intestines, kidneys, thyroid gland, spleen, adrenal glads, colon and lymphatic system.  This is a large part of our bodies.  Dr. Baroody gets more technical in his book and you are encouraged to read and learn more. For me the general ideal is that an alkaline-acid imbalance will adversely affect many “systems” in the body.

Dietary Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance

This part has been a bit of a conflict for me.  Dr. Baroody say the “Superior Diet” is eating raw uncooked vegetables and fruits.  However I have seen other very convincing information that our bodies need protein to function correctly and the best protein to eat is meat.  This is true as long as the meat is FREE from chemicals and injected hormones. Dr. Baroody say we should be doing the 80/20 rule.  80% alkaline foods and 20% acid foods. It would take a while to get used to the way he suggest eating in the book, as he gets in to what type of foods to eat together and which ones to generally avoid.  My 1st thought on reading this book was it seemed a little complicated.  But I did learn that I’m already eating a lot of alkaline foods.  If you are already a vegetarian then this way of eating will work for you, but for me it doesn’t.  If you are like me and believe eating “organic” meat is quite healthy and want to stay away for processed carbs, then not all is lost yet. You can still maintain an alkaline body.

There are other ways to keep yourself body alkaline.  One way is to supplement your foods with certain nutrients/vitamins.   Here are some supplements that to help keep your body alkaline.

  • Amylase, Protease, Lipase
  • Concentrated Trace MineralsAcidAlkaline 2 What is Acid Alkaline Imbalance?
  • Vitamin A
  • EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids)
  • B-Complex
  • B-Complex Liquid (with Iron)
  • Vitamin C
  • Calcium/Magnesium
  • Cesium Carbonate

Another thing that will help keep your body alkaline is STAY AWAY from processed foods!  If you do eat out occasionally it’s best to eat at a “sit-down” restaurant. These tend to serve more wholesome foods.

Also, sodas are big ones for causing high acidity (not good).

Even if you do not apply the specific rules that Dr. Baroody suggests certain easy changes in your diet can help you main a healthy good acid/alkaline balance.

The Physical Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance

There are many other factors that can make your body acid and these are out side the body.  We live in a very busy and toxic world also.  There are many toxins that people deal with including antibiotics, steriods, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, pesticides, hericides, commerical agriculture, results of tramua to the body, processed foods, and household chemicals.

An effective way to reduce these is by using more  ”organic” household items for cleaning.  Also seek out a holistic or orthomolecular doctor to reduce medications. Remember that if you are taking medications, don’t just stop. Make sure you coordinate Of course don’t reduce your meds. with out the help of a doctor. Start buying organic foods free of chemicals and pesticides.  Buy organic shampoos and other items that will be put on your skin.  Also getting out in the sun will help you get Vitamin D and getting some sun will help your body become alkaline.

The Psychological Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance

There can be Physiological & Emotional problems that cause people to have an alkaline-acid imbalance.  People have stress for many different reasons and this can cause the body to became acid.  How you deal with stress can effect the health of your body.  There are many ways to get your body alkaline by improving you emotional state and learning how to deal with stress.  Stress is all around us, sometimes it is good and sometimes it’s bad.  It is how you deal with it. There are many things that help with stress: exercise, relaxing, eating better, having support from family, & there are many other ways. Learn what works for you and use it.

The Spiritual Factors of Alkaline-Acid Imbalance

Dr. Theodore Baroody addresses the Spiritual factors of health.  This can’t be measure by any scientific studies, but can be an important part of peoples lives. By being involved in humanitarian causes can help you and the people you are helping.  I have helped in disaster relief in the past and enjoyed it very much. You can find what you are interested in doing -perhaps volunteering.  Not everyone belongs to a church, but there are many groups out there that you can get involved in like the Red Cross. People that stay “involved” in life tend to live happier and longer lives. This one is easy to start, you just need to look for something new you want to learn or get involved with a group you can support. I plan to stay active and involved in life for a LONG TIME.

My Opinion

Improving any one of the above points and working your way through them will improve your health. Good health involves many points; not just taking vitamins or eating right.

My husband and I supplement our diet (include as part of our diet) the products from Ask Insider Doctors.

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