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Staying Healthy Requires Constant Energy and Time

by Kim Risley on July 1, 2011

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Life is not static and same goes for your body, it’s in constant change and motion.  We have to change our mindset if we want to keep our body healthy! One can’t have the idea of taking one vitamin or mineral to solve one health problem or take “one” multi-vitamin will be sufficient. It won’t. That is the same mindset that causes us to reach for an aspirin for a headache – rather than to look for the underlying problem. The underlying problem is usually a myriad of situations that the body has because it lacks the basic building materials to maintain health.

Orthomolecular Nutrition/Medicine is NOT a medicine in the traditional sense. It is called that because the results can seem like one is taking a medicine. Orthomolecular Nutrition is simply the science and action of giving the body what it needs so that the body can do its natural job of creating and maintaining health.

The body needs 28 different vitamins/minerals as well as many proteins, enzymes & amino acids. Only one of these vitamins can be produced by the body and that is Vitamin D. The rest needs to come from our foods.

It also takes time for the body to heal itself. So a quick fix does not work in Orthomolecular Nutrition. It takes a bit of time for the body time to heal itself and to rebound to its naturally healthy state. Expecting it to happen overnight is unrealistic. When one’s health begins to improve that is NOT the time to stop (as one would with traditional medicine). It is vital not to stop. Why stop a successful action.

Improving health takes energy and time. Understanding and confronting this is the only way to increase your odds of being healthy and feeling good and feeling energetic for LIFE.

Our food is not what it used to be. It lacks the nutrition that it once had. Additionally we cook it which reduces its nutritional value. Exceptions are what we can grow ourselves but, let’s face it, that is impractical for most of us. And even these foods lack all the essentials.

The only way to get all the vitamin/minerals our bodies need is from supplements.

The good news is that these can be inexpensively and easily obtained, if you know where to look. And taking the correct ones is essential. Just as you can’t build a brick home if you lack one single essential material (such as mortar) the body needs to have everything. Otherwise it has to make odd little adjustments, which begin to show up, over time, as chronic diseases and conditions.

We need all the orthomolecular components. These have been identified by Nobel Prize winning and other leading scientist. In order to stay healthy we need to be taking the correct supplements routinely – every day. The body needs to be resupplied constantly.

I have known people that started taking supplements to only stop when they felt better. That just won’t cut it – if one is looking for long term health. It is vital to keep taking them!

Oh, and as we age, these needs become greater.

Recreating and maintaining good health takes energy and time.

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