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Six Qualities I Consider Important in a Doctor

by Kim Risley on April 9, 2012


If I ever had to deal with a health problem; these are the qualities and points I would like to see in a doctor and in myself.

A doctor is a guide and an important one to help us choose the best course of action in any health situation. When we face a health crisis we rely on the professional to help us make the best decisions that are right for us.

No one knows your body as intimately as YOU. Choosing a Doctor who listens to your, hears your concerns, your cares, and is willing to look all treatments, including “so-called” alternative treatments is a good start. Doctors should be there to guide you in your decisions.  He or she is a teammate who works WITH you to find the solutions that work for you.

There may be alternatives to drugs and surgery such as nutrition and supplements and life-style that  can very well correct many health problems.

Six Qualities that I would consider important in a Doctor

  1. A Doctor that knows and understands conventional, complementary and alternative/holistic care. Orthomolecular Doctors are often versed in all three.
  2. A Doctor that listens to you and your concerns. (You need to have a Doctor who will spend more then 20 minutes with you during a visit.)
  3. A Doctor that will work with you as a partner rather than simply dictate what treatment needs to be done.  (You need to think of the Doctor as a “consultant”.  Putting yourself at cause over what you do can be the first step in healing.)
  4. A Doctor that KNOWS and UNDERSTANDS nutrition and supplements and knows the power of their proper use. Most Doctors that come out of medical school may only have around 25 hours of training in nutrition and supplements.  Having a Doctor that has done extra training in this area is great to have on your side.
  5. A Doctor that is willing to learn about new research and treatments that you may have found. (There are many different types of research and studies going on.  It can be a challenge to keep up with all of them. It is so valuable to have a doctor that will at least look at new research that perhaps you have found in your own research.
  6. A Doctor that knows that YOU are  taking CHARGE of your OWN HEALTH! Once your doctor sees this, he or she will more likely take the time to fully do the job.

One more point that I would like to make. Healing is a broad subject and art. Handling sickness by the drug, cut and burn methods are but one approach. It is called Allopathic Medicine. It is what is practiced by most doctors who are part of the AMA. You and your doctor should be aware of this. A broad view of health and its maintenance which encompasses all types of healing (including Allopathic) is a much better guarantee of your recovery to good health.

To me these qualities are very important and are the ones I consider when looking for my own doctor.  Whatever treatment or steps you decide to take,  it should be YOUR decision, ultimately. Your doctor is not a god but is a paid consultant whom you have hired to serve you. Use his or her guidance, for sure, but make the ultimate decisions, if you can,  yourself. It is your body and your health.

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