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Cancer and Regaining One’s Health

by Ken Risley on May 30, 2012

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I am offering this page of important information which any person diagnosed with cancer (and also those not yet diagnosed) should know. The diagnosis of cancer can be an earth shattering thrust into a world of confusion. I’m an Engineer – not a doctor. Legally I must say, and I believe, that you should always seek the help of a licensed professional health practitioner. But this NEVER relieves you of the responsibility to see the broadest picture possible and to absolutely make your own decision.

First, this: If one’s Oncologist does not first suggest that they immediately learn how to raise the pH of the body which will create more available oxygen AND “firmly and completely” explain that eating sugar should be avoided, (which any carbohydrate is treated just like sugar at the cellular level) because SUGAR actually FEEDS cancer cells, they should consider finding another doctor.

Secondly: Always get at least two opinions if diagnosed. I personally believe that one should be from the traditional allopathic medical industry, and the other should be from MD’s or professionals that dare to have looked into and familiar with non-allopathic approaches.

Allopathic medicine is the type of healing that consists of adding foreign chemicals to the body (ie. drugs) or removing parts of the body. It is a war-like approach philosophically derived to “attack it”, or “kill it”.  Today, drugs are defined as man-made and are, along with surgery and radiation, the only legal cures of illness. War is declared upon the symptoms. What caused the symptoms, is basically, ignored. Western medicine is Allopathic. This approach is so strongly part of Western Medicine that it is illegal to officially endorse any other way “as a cure”. Allopathic medicine has its place in trauma, in orthopedics and in obstetrics. It is impotent in diseases of degeneration of systemic origin.

Systemically the body does not maintain health because of additions of foreign chemicals. It does not heal by being lessened in quantity (ie. surgery). It heals by its own processes, properly fueled and outfitted with nutrients, in processes millions of years in the making. Health is maintained in a body by giving it proper and complete nutrition so that it has the ingredients to repair itself. When one discovers a health crisis it is the body giving a sign, often a big one, that this has not been occurring. The reason is that it has lacked the ingredients to do so.

Regarding cancer, a major systemic foul up directly related to our life styles and diets, the Western medical doctors’ solutions are to poison the cancer with chemicals, with radiation or to cut it out. They are trained in these methods. It is all they know. In fact it is illegal for these doctors to suggest anything other than drugs, surgery or radiation.

I suggest that you watch some videos which I have provided here. It will be worth your time. Take notes. Perhaps contact some of these folks who can provide leads to other possible avenues to take. These are interviews given by MD’s, PhD’s and other professionals who are willing to step off the conveyor belt of the medical industry.

There are solutions out there that can cause you to heal yourself. These are not chemo, or radiation. Surgery can be effective at times but even then one must deal with the underlying reasons that cancer was allowed to grow in the first place. This data will be fought by many in your life. They will say to you that “only doctors” know. You’ll hear that “you can’t believe what you see on Youtube or the internet”. This is a method of belittling a source of information and not the information itself. Anyone who rails against your sources of study are acting similarly to the priests of the Middle Ages forbidding the common people to read or to consider anything beyond the “accepted” truth. The internet and videos are only avenues to get folks aware enough to start looking. The real data is contained in studies and in books and in the advice and guidance of professionals so educated.

The facts are that chemo cures less than 5% of cancers – and even these are sometimes not predictable. The reported gains are given in relative, not absolute numbers. This is explained in some of the videos below. Your knowledge of this will allow you to ask your doctor the correct questions.

Please see the videos below. I show them in video form because they are good presentations that reveal the system itself.  You need to see the system from an exterior viewpoint so that you can then judge what you hear more accurately. I certainly don’t agree with everything said in these videos, but I think the underlying concepts of what allopathic medicine is and how it relates to health are vital to know.

Please, do your OWN research – widen your horizons. Find a doctor who thinks outside the box of allopathic medicine; one who is aware of and thinks with ALL the data available. I am convinced, personally, that the allopathic method has little value in most cases when it comes to cancer. I would avoid it if it were me. But you might decide to do both – but beware of remedies that actually cause the body’s healing mechanisms to become weaker.

Understand the situation, and you’ll be able to remain in charge and, choosing the right professionals (or a combination of them) and regain your health.

Here are the videos

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