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Live in Health (Ask Insider Doctors)

All of us want to Live in Health. We want Help with Health but realize that it is only possible, really, if we choose to help ourselves. Nutrition guides are numerous but many lack the true and/or complete nutrition facts. Whether we are curious about menshealth or womenshealth it is, at the root, human body health that we seek.

Most people believe that genetics or bad luck gave them diseases for which the only treatments are drugs and surgeries.  As a result, organized medicine will sell an estimated three-trillion-dollars worth of drugs and surgeries in 2010.

Look around at the increasing rates of cancer, heart disease, obesity and it is obvious that drugs and surgeries are not the solution to our medical problems;  each year more, not fewer people die slowly (and expensively) from pharmaceutically and surgically-treated diseases.

The cold hard reality is that if you are not giving your body the essentials that it needs, it is in a slow but sure spiral downward towards conditions of less health.

The body is a remarkable creation. It is a self-healing machine – when it has the essential building blocks with which to repair. One very remarkable quality of our bodies is that they tend to go on, even when there are developing underlying perils. The body becomes weaker and weaker, often without the notice of its owner (you), until it reaches a threshold. At that point a disease or some non-optimum condition springs forward in full view. We tend to believe we “just got” sick – but the truth is that the condition has been there for long periods of time and only now becomes obvious.

Your body, unless it is getting what it needs, is deteriorating.

Your body tries to do make do with limited resources. But, just as the sand eventually leaves the upper chamber of the hourglass, your body runs out of options and you find yourself with a sick body.

You Become Sick!

We see many signs of this, however. The body gives signs. Aches and pains, overweight, odd blood sugar levels, lack of energy are all signs that the body is sliding down this slippery slope to levels we dare not consider.

It is a long term process This does not happen overnight. And, for sure, the reversal of this is not an overnight process either. Like an investment in one’s financial future, the proper investment into ones body health is something that should be undertaken. And, just as with financial investing, it is best to start early.

But, it is NEVER too late!

The Story of ASH, a.k.a Ask Insider Doctors

In 1997, at the age of 53, land developer Barney Folger  of Marietta, Georgia, was being scheduled for his fourth heart surgery since being diagnosed with heart disease in 1990.

To fully understand what was going through Barney’s mind after being told by his cardiologists that they needed to operate on his heart again, one must appreciate the months of agony associated with post-operative recovery. Rather than endure another heart surgery, Barney put his clothes back on and went home. The last words from his cardiologists after he fired them and walked out the door was, “You could die, Barney.”

Through his research he discovered the works of Nobel Laureate Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate Otto Warburg, Dr. Keith Brewer and others. Their common thread was “Orthomolecular” medicine which is the study of health through nutrition at the cellular level.

Barney is more alive today than ever and desires to share his life changing discoveries with others. He founded Advanced Scientific Health (ASH) (Now known as Ask Insider Doctors – AID)  in October 2002 and it has  become a global membership organization dedicated to the education and implementation of the ever expanding orthomolecular health knowledge base founded on research and discoveries of nobel prize winning doctors and scientists.

People use Ash to Save Their Own, or a Family Member’s, Life

Eventually, as each sees the results and learns why these formulas work, most decide that they have a responsibility to at least make sure others are aware of these marvelous, scientifically proven methods. Nowhere are the discoveries of these eminent scientists so throughly combined into simple, readily absorbed formulas.

So Much Rests in Your Own Hands

By making a decision you can begin to learn what you need to know to take charge of your own health.  Knowledge, Control and Responsibility go hand in hand. You increase one and the other two must and will increase accordingly. If you want to take responsibility for your own health, or anything else for that matter, then you must increase your knowledge. You’ll find that your control and responsibility will increase as a result.  It is inevitable. This datum can be appliked to any area of your life.

People who use Ask Insider Doctors (AID) improve their health through their knowledge of and their use the AID formulas.

We Find Our Own Simple yet Thorough Health Solution.

After our wins, since 2007,   I decided to start this web site to promote the information regarding health. I wanted to help folks find their own paths to understanding their own bodies and their own health. AID was started in 2002 by a few like-minded and dedicated individuals. That original purpose is my guidance and the reason I am running this website. I want everyone to see this, and know this, and take action to reverse the spiral.

When you use AID formulas, You Will Become a Researcher Like Us.

You can then begin to take control of your own health.  You will do your own research on your health and how to improve it.  Eventually, along with your health, your knowledge will skyrocket. And you, like us, will be feeling the urge to let everyone know about this. Wouldn’t it be great to not only improve your own life, but to, very likely, save the lives others – those you know – and even those that may not yet know.