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The Collagen Matrix – Part 1 of 3

September 5, 2010
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I have posted this from the Advanced Scientific Health website.  It is important to get this information out, that I have put this in 3 articles. Our health relies on trillions of cells repeatedly performing billions of specialized functions. Though the processes and systems that animate our bodies are phenomenally complex, what the cells driving [...]

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What do we have in common?

April 17, 2010

This article goes into why we need our own ascorbic acid (vitamin C).  Please read it and pass it on. Interesting critter category: Guinea pigs, apes, fruit bats and humans What do guinea pigs, apes, some fruit bats and humans have in common? They all share the inability to produce their own ascorbic acid (vitamin [...]

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Handling Hypertension and Heart Attack Risk

March 20, 2010

Synopsis – There are simple basics that you NEED to know to take effective action to avoid or even rescue a yourself from heart and circulatory disease. This article will get you started on your journey to understanding. Coronary Disease caused 1 in 5 deaths in the United States — a staggering 494,382 deaths — [...]

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