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Glenda and How ASH helped her

May 7, 2010

This is a win Glenda had using the ASH products.  This is from the ASH site.  There are many of these’s wins out there.  Please read below. It has been amazing at how much better I feel since taking the formulas that ASH has made available to all of us if we take advantage of [...]

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Are you REALLY Healthy? Can you do anything about it?

April 16, 2010

I just realized people go for years thinking they are healthy then they have a heart attack or come down with a cold that lasts for two months, then wonder what happened. The truth is they were not healthy to begin with.  When people get sick or have a heart attack itis not something that [...]

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Assembly Line Medical Care

March 18, 2010

Last night we saw a show on Link T.V.  about the medical care system in the United States.  It’s not like I haven’t heard this talked about before.  But now that I’m doing this blog I have to write about it.  Most conventional doctors only spend 15 minutes with a patient at a time!!!  How [...]

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March 16, 2010

Like most people I want to be happy and healthy until I die. One could say, “Live as long as possible and be healthy during all those years”.  I’ve got my eye on at least a 100. You can control you health and how you handle your body.  Four years ago, my husband and I [...]

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