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Success Story

March 4, 2011
The Three Elements of Health

Here is another story of success on the ASH formulas… Tom started on these formulas back in September on my “special” three month trial of the formulas. With this trial people can try out the formulas at cost. To learn more about Advanced Scientific Health click here. Here is Tom’s win since being on the formulas: I’ve [...]

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The ASH formulas do HELP!

January 6, 2011
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This a win I have had while taking the ASH formulas. I have always had problems with my sinuses.  I would get signs of sinus infection where my nose would have post nasal drip and I would be blowing my nose all day, even at night.  I had been looking for sinus headache remedies, before [...]

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Wins from Scott

May 10, 2010

Many people are winning the battle against Cancer, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure & other diseases.  We are doing it “naturally” not with drugs or surgery.  Read Scott’s story on how ASH helped him. Hundreds of thousands are fighting the war against Cancer, Heart Disease and other degenerative diseases. These diseases have already been prevented [...]

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Vitamin D versus Flu Vaccine

March 28, 2010

Another reason to take vitamin D3.  I take over  2000 iu’s of vitamin D3  daily.  I rarely get colds or flu anymore.  Here is a video that is going around the internet.  I have never taken the Flu Shot.  Even when it was supplied to me,  free,  at the hospital where I worked. Watch the [...]

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MoRE – Molecular Repair Essentials

March 20, 2010

Here is some brief information on MORE – MOlecular Repair Essentails.  This is one of the products that ASH has. We take it religiously. Every minute, every second of every day, the human body is constantly repairing itself. That’s how the creator made it. There are certain substances the body needs for this continuous rebuilding. [...]

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