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Never To Young

April 1, 2010

You are never too young to start looking at your health.  Why wait to you are in your 60′s to 80′s with health problems, then start looking for solutions to your problems?  When you are “already” at your prime you should start making changes NOW.  What would those changes be?  Stop eating processed foods, cut [...]

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Kevin Trudeau

March 25, 2010

Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About is really what  got us thinking about our health.    We had, in the past, done different cleanses and juicing.  Beyond that we hadn’t done much to improve our health.  I wasn’t in the mind set of  “alternative” health.  We still went to the [...]

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Organic Products and Foods

March 13, 2010

One way to maintain good health is to pay attention to what you put on your body or what you put in it.  I try to eat 80-85% organic.  I know I can’t eat organic foods all the time.  It’s just impossible to do that.  At home I try to eat an organic diet.  Also, [...]

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