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This is a video my husband did on Advanced Scientific Health and the 3 elements of optimal health.

Causes of Cancer

Colds vs. Cancer

Vitamin D – Key to Treat and Prevent Cancer

This first one describes what Allopathic medicine and how it got it authoritarian grip onto the health industry. It also goes into several cancer “cures”. Please do not take more from the “cures” than that there are alternatives and many have had great results and that traditional medicine invalidates them for very sinister reasons. That is the key point of this. It is interesting that the FDA is the muscle that prohibits people from saying anything that is not in agreement with what is “known”. If an MD makes a statement that is direct violation of the legal position that only drugs and surgery can cure anything, he can be subject to the guns of the FDA.

This next one is a cute cartoon that gives a satirical view of allopathic medicine.  It drives home the philosophy of allopathic medicine.

This next video is of a doctor with a different viewpoint. The question begs, why and how does a person with similar education as other doctors, think so differently. To me, this tend to point to the fact that medicine is indeed an art. But unlike art, a certain point of view (the AMA view) is enforced by law and authority. Truth can’t be enforced. In the Dark Ages attempts were made to enforce truth by the dominate church of the time. The age of enlightenment came about because many of these shackles were removed. Today we see them still. If one says he can cure you, if not by traditional and accepted means, he can be censored quite severely. This is not freedom.

This next is a documentary on Burzynski.  What is interesting here is that this is a well-intentioned person, certainly seems he is, who has been severely attached by establishment medicine. I know little about what he is doing but suspect it is somehow affecting the oxygen of the cells (see Warburg below). My mother, within a month of her death from lung cancer, tried to get in to this institution. They rejected her case because she was too far along and had been so poisoned by the chemo that she had taken (which she discontinued after it made her so sick).

I offer this next one for those who have breast cancer. If you have breast cancer, perhaps you should contact her for consultation. I disagree with her on her view on meat – in general. However, in times of crisis perhaps it is the best way. Even the Gerson program removes meat from the diet. I believe that this is done to aid in raising the PH of the body. Meat tends to cause acidity and in a crises of cancer this is not good. Also, meat, in this country, is VERY dirty. It is full of artificial chemicals that have been added to enhance yield. If you can get certain types of grass fed beef, free-range chicken, free from the artificial additives, then that meat is an excellent source of protein.  Anyway, here’s the video.

This lady, next video, offers and insight into the workings of drug companies. It is important to not forget that this is a huge and profitable industry, and that any corporation has, as its first duty, the obligation to fatten its own profits. They are not bad. But they serve only one master. Ethics is something that is a personal thing that only individual people can apply. A corporation can’t apply ethics. There is no such thing. This is a fact. Our awareness of it is only important as we evaluated what is said and what is controlled by these corporations.

The next is a very nice documentary that was supposedly done by a young boy. We know that is unlikely but this premise is not necessary to the point of the movie. Much is said, here, regarding the Gerson method. I will say that, personally, this is what I would do if I had cancer. I would get onto a Cesium program (monitored by a doctor who watched the potassium levels, etc) and would do Gerson to detoxify and raise the PH. This, I am personally convinced, would CURE the cancer. But that is what I would do – perhaps not you. By the way, here is a link to another article written by a doctor regarding Cesium therapy.

The next one is more on Gerson.

This next one has some excellent information regarding cancer. Again, there is a push for no meat and I have already made my points on this (see above). But the overall data is interesting.  The major  point to this, and the other videos here, is that conventional allopathic approach to cancer is very questionable. However we do find some variations in some basic information. The following video makes the statement that Cancer incidence is directly related to the consumption of animal protein. Some studies are cited. However there are other indications, for instance, that some of the meat eaters (like Eskimos) eat almost entirely animal protein and fat yet there is almost no evidence of cancer. Per Otto Warburg (you should learn about his research) animal protein is the best way to increase hemoglobin which increases oxygen into the cells and kills cancer. So, do your own studies. I have seen enough studies to be convinced that if one eats clean meat (no hormones and other man made contaminants) one is best off. Much of vegetarianism is based on political and spiritual reasons. Perhaps it is difficult to separate the two.

The next one is an interview of Brian Peskin, the author of the “Hidden Story of Cancer”. I read this book many years ago. It is an amazing look at the science behind the studies and a look at Otto Warburg, and amazing scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his discoveries. His discovers have not, to this day, been disputed. And many oncologist are not even aware of him. This particular video is general.

This next one is also Brian Peskin. Here he speaks more specifically of Otto Warburg. Not the essential requirement of certain kinds of Omega 6 and 3 in certain ratios.

This one is interesting and a bit more about Warburg and why he never gained much foothold in American medicine.